The Art Law Podcast

on 7th November 2018 in


“The Art Law Podcast” is a general interest podcast hosting conversations at the intersection of art and law, hosted by art lawyers Steven Schindler and Katherine Wilson-Milne, and featuring distinguished guests.

The Art Law Podcast dives into current events and controversies and features some of the most provocative voices in the art and legal worlds.

Episode topics include museum deaccessioning and the legal and ethical controversies with the Berkshire Museum’s art sales; the 5Pointz graffiti art controversy, which recently involved a momentous legal victory for artist moral rights after trial in New York, and the interplay between the Visual Artists Rights Act and site-specific art; scientific analysis and art; art censorship and the First Amendment; activist art; the inner workings of auctions; Nazi-looted art and cultural property; and much more.

You can access episodes of “The Art Law Podcast,” along with related articles and materials at, and iTunes and other podcast subscription services.