Brexit Initiative

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About the PAIAM Brexit memoranda

PAIAM is primarily a networking platform.  However, in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, PAIAM decided to offer its collective expertise as a resource to the British government.  It is in the interest of our members and their clients that after Brexit, the British art market continues to thrive.

We want to continue to attract talent and to ensure that the British art community remains as creative and entrepreneurial as ever.  There is also an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of the British art market on the world stage.  This will happen only if the government makes informed legislative decisions and continues to offer appropriate incentives.  We believe that PAIAM can add value to this process.

We recognise that the diversity of PAIAM’s membership means that it is not appropriate for PAIAM to make specific recommendations, or to seek to influence the government’s agenda in the interest of a specific interest group within the art community.  Our objective is to offer impartial advice and to help the government make informed decisions.

We have identified several legislative issues affecting the British art community which may benefit from reform, with a view to enhancing creativity, commerce and international trade once the UK has left the European Union.  PAIAM members have volunteered to prepare a memorandum on each of those issues.  Drawing on our members’ expertise, the memoranda are intended to provide technical information.  Any opinion expressed in the memoranda is the opinion of the author of the memorandum, rather than PAIAM’s opinion.

The memoranda are intended as technical guidance notes.  They are not intended to replace legal advice and the reader should not rely upon any technical and legal information they contain.

The memoranda are dated August 2017.  They will be reviewed from time to time and updated if appropriate.  It is understood that the situation may evolve in the meantime and that the memoranda may not always reflect the latest position.