PAIAM’s objective is to provide a networking platform for professionals with a track record of providing professional services to the international art world. If you are looking for a lawyer, an accountant, an insurance broker or a logistics specialist (there are many more categories), our members database is a good place to start
Pierre Valentin, PAIAM Founder


PAIAM (Professional Advisors the International Art Market) was founded in 2011. From the start, we sought to create a multi-disciplinary networking platform for professionals advising the art market. Our expectations were modest but within 6 months of the inaugural event at White Cube in London, PAIAM had over 100 members. The membership has continued to grow and we now have over 250 members. New members join each month and, following the launch of PAIAM in New York in October 2016, our US membership is starting to grow.


To provide an essential guide to the top professionals advising the international art world. Our members have unrivalled experience in their own fields of expertise, including the law, accounting, finance, tax, logistics and many more. If each of our members has, on average, 10 years of experience, PAIAM members offer, together, over 2,500 years of experience. That is impressive and, we hope, a valuable resource for art collectors, art businesses, and art professionals worldwide.

The Founding Board

In January 2011, PAIAM was founded by Pierre Valentin as Chair and James Kelly as Treasurer along with Wendy Phillips, Anders Petterson and Antonia Kimbell.

Find an Advisor

Selecting the right advisor can be challenging. Experience, knowledge, reputation, price and many other factors count. PAIAM offers you a selection of professionals to choose from in many of the traditional professions and related fields.

Our Expertise

We select our members with care based on their fields of expertise, their experience and the number of years they have spent advising the art market. We count many published authors amongst our membership. Our knowledge database is designed to be a resource of useful information on a range of topics. Search options will help locate the right information.

We hope that this website will enable you to find the right advisor to help you navigate an increasingly complicated world, and perhaps more than in past years, an increasingly uncertain one.