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Tuesday 11 July 2017
Sotheby’s Grosvenor Galleries at Aeolian Hall, Bloomfield Place, London, W1.

The conference will open with a short AGM before continuing with two sessions: the first on Brexit and the second on Authenticity, Restoration and Conservation. A brief outline of the day is below.

Over the coming months the UK government will commence its Brexit negotiations in earnest against a complex political backdrop particularly regarding the single market.
Pierre Valentin of Constantine Cannon, who has been leading the PAIAM Brexit group will chair this session which will include detailed surveys of key areas relating to Export licensing, Customs duties, Artist Resale Rights, Copyright and IP, Cultural Property, CITES, Consumer protection and Anti-money laundering. He will be joined by the authors of the various papers produced by PAIAM before inviting members present to join the debate.

Authenticity, Restoration and Conservation
Tom Toumaziz MBE, founder and CEO of Tagsmart, will talk about the challenges of establishing authenticity and how technology can help address this area and how it may solve authenticity problems in the future.

Rupert Featherstone, Director of the Hamilton Kerr Institute and Assistant Director of Conservation at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge will speak on the work of the world renowned Hamilton Kerr Institute and focus on some recent conservation projects and the interrelation with attribution and authenticity.


The Conference will close with drinks and networking in Sotheby’s Galleries.
This is an event for PAIAM members only.


Thursday 4 May 2017

6.30pm - 8.30pm

PAIAM members are invited to attend an evening Reception at Lambeth Palace. This is an exciting venue and one which is only available to private groups after careful consideration by the Archbishop’s office, so we are pleased to have been granted permission to visit.  The evening will provide an opportunity to meet and network with other members and we will also receive a short talk by one of the palace historians on both the history and some of the impressive artwork which is housed there.

This event is for PAIAM members only.

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