New York Event: Real Fake: The Art, Life & Crimes of Elmyr de Hory - a conversation with filmmaker Jeff Oppenheim

Keeping it Real - a conversation with filmmaker Jeff Oppenheim
and a sneak peak of his documentary 'Real Fake: The Art, Life & Crimes of Elmyr de Hory'.
Wednesday September 13th
6.30pm 8.30pm
Pryor Cashman, 7 Times Square, New York

Elmyr de Hory: master criminal or brilliant artist?  Alleged to have painted more than one thousand "fakes," most of which have never been identified by the authorities, Elmyr de Hory's paintings still hang in major museums and private collections around the world. These works, now potentially worth billions of dollars, continue to roil the art market.
40 years after his death, the criminal case against one of the twentieth century's most notorious art forgers remains unproven.  During his lifetime, Elmyr de Hory lived openly as a forger while eluding Interpol, Scotland Yard and the FBI.  Never apprehended, he lived out his final years in Ibiza, Spain while the slow dissolution of the case against him allowed the art world to escape embarrassment, or worse blame.
With Real Fake: The Art, Life & Crimes of Elmyr de Hory, filmmaker Jeff Oppenheim re-examines the facts of the case. Assuming all previous information known about Elmyr to be as “wrong” as his art, the film travels the globe with a team of investigators and art experts. The investigation delves into the myriad of aliases used by Elmyr, searching never-before-utilized archival records, police files and the personal accounts of those who knew this charming, infamous con artist.
Jeff’s presentation to PAIAM members was a real treat: he gave some sneak preview clips of his film which led into a great discussion regarding some of the key issues raised by his narration of Elmyr's life and works.  Over 40 PAIAM members attended and we are grateful to Board member Bill Charron and the team at Pryor Cashman for organising and hosting this event.



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