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Thank you for your interest in joining PAIAM (Professional Advisors to the International Art Market). Please complete the application form below. The information below marked * is compulsory. Other information below is optional. Once you have completed the application form, please click ‘submit’. The Board of PAIAM will consider electronic applications only.

It will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete this application form.

Before you apply for membership, we invite you to read the Constitution of PAIAM. For a copy, please click here. By submitting an application for membership, you are deemed to have read and accepted the Constitution.

What happens next in the application process?

Once submitted, your application for membership will be reviewed by the Board. If the Board requires more information in order to consider your application, the Secretary of the Board will contact you. The Board meets approximately once every six weeks. Applications are typically considered within 60 days of receipt. You will be notified of the outcome of your application. Applications are typically rejected if the applicant does not meet the criteria for membership, or if he/she does not show a sufficient track record in advising or working with the international art market. We do not provide reasons for rejecting applications. The decision to accept or reject an application is final and rests with the Board in its sole and absolute discretion. An applicant whose application for membership has been rejected may re-apply for membership after 12 months.

Membership of PAIAM is awarded on an individual basis. If two or more professionals within the same organisation wish to become members of PAIAM, each professional must submit an application in his/her own name.

What is PAIAM and who are its existing members?

PAIAM was established as a forum for professionals offering principally non-art related services to the art sector. Our members typically do not know a great deal about art but know about something else that is of useful to those who know about art, e.g. insurance, logistics, law, accountancy, tax. Not all applicants for membership fall neatly within our professional categories. Applicants exercising a qualifying professional activity within an art business, e.g. a lawyer in-house with an auction house, will qualify for membership if he/she has a sufficient track record (the rule of thumb is a minimum of two years, see below). Applicants wearing more than one hat may or may not qualify for membership depending on whether they continue to exercise a qualifying professional activity, e.g. a lawyer providing art advisory services as well as legal services. Applicants providing services to the art sector but also to a range of other sectors may qualify for membership if he/she can show a sufficient track record in providing services to art-related businesses. The Board of PAIAM is regularly called upon to exercise a degree of discretion when considering membership applications. The Board seeks to exercise that discretion reasonably and in good faith, based on the information provided by the applicant and made available to the Board and in the public domain.

Who qualifies for PAIAM membership?

When deciding whether to accept an application for membership, the Board will typically consider the following:

  • The applicant’s professional qualification, e.g. law, accountancy. The applicant should practice in his/her area of professional qualification at the time of the application. For example, an art dealer who qualified as a lawyer but no longer practices as a lawyer will not qualify for membership (see excluded activities below).
  • If the applicant’s activity is regulated, whether the applicant is regulated at the time of the application, e.g. insurance, banking.
  • The applicant’s professional experience and reputation in the art sector, if the applicant’s provision of services to the art sector does. not require a professional qualification and it is not regulated.
  • Whether the applicant’s principal business activity disqualifies them from membership (see list of excluded activities below).
  • Whether the applicant has a minimum of two years’ direct experience of working in the art sector.

Who does not qualify for PAIAM membership?

PAIAM does not accept applications for membership from individuals whose primary activity is listed below – the list is not exhaustive:


  • Art dealers
  • Art consultants
  • Art curators
  • Art advisors
  • Art valuers
  • Art experts
  • Auctioneers
  • Artists

What does membership cost and what are the Terms of Payment?

The annual membership fee is £250 for UK-based members, £175 for European members and $350 for US members. The annual fee is non-refundable. The Board of PAIAM reserves the right to withdraw membership privileges if the annual fee is not paid within 30 days of notice to the applicant that his/her membership application has been accepted. PAIAM’s financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. If an application for membership is accepted after 1 July, the annual fee for the year of membership to 31 December of that year is half the annual membership fee. Members are requested to pay their annual fee by the 31th January of each year following the year when they became a member of PAIAM. The Board reserves the right to withdraw a member’s membership privileges if he/she has not settled the annual fee by then. If membership privileges are withdrawn, a new application must be submitted for consideration by the Board.

If your application for membership is successful, your personal details and professional qualification and experience recorded on the membership application below will feature in your personal profile in the PAIAM Directory. The Directory is available for consultation by the public through the PAIAM website. If you wish to amend your profile as shown in the Directory, please contact


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